Canadians are Americans, and they are Gringos, too

From a letter: “Many of you expats are not going to like or agree with what I am about to say. But let the Americans remember it is supposed to be their law. (The freedom of speech).”

“Americans should clean up their own back alleys. Their economy, job force, way of living are all out of control and headed south for a major crash.”

I see you are a resident of Canada, hence, you are American.  Anyone who lives in North, Central or South America can be considered American.  So when you say American, you must be talking about Canada since that is where you live.

You also say: “In addition to the Gringo invasion.”  When you say Gringo, Costa Ricans consider Canadians to be Gringo also, so you must have been planning on joining the Gringo invasion when you thought about moving here.

Plus, if you are getting all your opinions from reading information on the Internet, you are getting only part of the picture.  Yes, Costa Rica has many problems, but it also has many benefits.  I have found a home at a reasonable price and if you go local, many items are inexpensive.  If you haven’t lived here, you haven’t made the effort to find out these things first hand and are making erroneous assumptions.

Sandra Krause

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