Climate change slush fund for possibly flaky projects

I’ve got one question in regard to end of Page 6 articleentitled: Anti-corruption organization warns of climate fund misuse: IS THE WORLD OUT OF ITS FRIGGIN’ MIND?

I’ve written before about man’s arrogance in attempting to control climate change.  Latest stats show close to 69 percent question the validity of the man-made global warming theory due to “scientific” manipulation of data.   Hard science, via NASA, through objective satellite studies, (not counting tree rings, re-adjusting figures, or hockey stick analogies) is debunking the climate change fear mongering premise.  That unrestrained and calamitous atmospheric CO2 concentration is now up to a whopping 1.5 ppm/year, and man’s contribution is a bare 3 percent of that, or one part per 20 billion). Reality check: this is an infinitesimal figure of a TRACE ELEMENT NECESSARY FOR LIFE ON OUR PLANET.

Having everyday people (governments take tax money from the people, they don’t grow it themselves to give off to pet projects) of the developed/developing countries pay hundreds of billions (maybe trillions) of dollars into a slush fund with unknown oversight to undisclosed persons/entities for possibly flaky projects in highly corrupt countries.

Have we gone totally mad?

Mary Jay

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