Corte Suprema to support stiffer parole measures

The Corte Suprema de Justica has agreed to stiffen the requirements for conditional liberty of prisoners. The court was acting on a review of bill No. 17.490 that is now in a legislative committee.

Under the current law a prisoner can request conditional liberty after having served half the term specified in a trial court sentence.

The proposed change would require the prisoner to serve three-quarters of the sentence. In addition, if the prisoner does not comply with the conditional aspects of the release or is involved in another crime, the bill would require that the prisoner be returned to serve out the rest of the penalty.

A new twist is that criminals sentenced for serious crimes like narcotrafficking, kidnapping or attacks against police would not be eligible for conditional release. The court was comfortable with this but suggested in its reply to the Comisión Permanente Especial de Seguridad y Narcotráfico that the bill spell out specifically which crimes would be covered by this change, according to a summary released by the Poder Judicial.

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