Crime is rising everywhere, and the world is changing

Bill Walkling from Puntarenas is not wrong in his facts on Costa Rica regarding rising crime and the rising cost of living. Considering the fact that he came here seven years ago, I can understand why he is moving out (although Panamá may not necessarily be the best alternative). If one is just arriving to Costa Rica nowadays, you come here with a better understanding of the negative realities of the current situation (in part due to publications like A.M. Costa Rica) which was definitely not advertised seven years ago to the extent they are now, in part, because it just wasn’t as bad.

On the other hand Leo Plumley and others seem to take pleasure in bashing Mr. Walkling for what they perceive as his bashing of Costa Rica. In reality, Mr. Walkling was just telling it like it is first hand, while others prefer to sugar coat the current situation for personal reasons. To the Walking bashers I say wake up and smell the coffee, you’re not in Kansas anymore and even if you were, Kansas has changed. It’s a new world out there. Pull your head out of the sand before it’s too late. Stop looking down your noses at others just because you have not YET been a victim of crime.

Sure crime is on the rise everywhere and so is the cost of living. But the point is, over the past few years Costa Rica has experienced a much greater increase than many other places which have not resorted to the propaganda nature, peace and love hype to attract unsuspecting would be residents while downplaying the true problems.

Patrick McCormick
Costa Rica

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