Doctors take big slice of the Caja budgets

About a month or so ago news reports said that some doctors at the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social facilities are paid as much as $36,000 a month. What? That’s disgusting! No wonder the Caja needs a bail-out.

The doctors are simply extorting money, obviously using the threat of quitting as leverage. I tried doctors’ visits, etc., at a Caja clinic only because I was coerced into contributing premiums as a condition of my residency. I rate the care, etc., as terrible. How about the generic medication I got from their pharmacy? It didn’t work and I went back to paying for the real stuff.

Health care? What a joke. I choose to pay CIMA for real health care, thank you. Simply stated, if the Caja doctors were not extorting exorbitant amounts of money, staffs could be larger, appointments easier to obtain, facilities and medical equipment could be up-graded and added to, and medications could be top quality. The Caja is forced to buy cheap equipment, lousy medication, etc. just because there is little money left after the greedy doctors take their cut.

Barry Schwartz

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