Drug market in north is the root of the problem

First of all I want to congratulate you on your online paper. Although it is not polished and fancy like some, it does have the most honest and informative content I have read so far. Many of you expats are not going to like or agree with what I am about to say, But let the Americans remember it is supposed to be their law. (The freedom of speech).

We had this coming winter intended to drive to Mexico, to the Chapala area for the winter. As I kept reading on the Internet, It would be like driving in Afganistan, dodging bullets and bandits most of the way. We decided to perhaps fly down, Again I read of the police chief and two of his officers being found in shallow graves after arresting a cartel member in Lake Chapala. We then thought “Oh, how about Costa Rica?.”

Our government Web site issued a caution for traveling there. We thought a Country that beautiful can’t be that bad. After following Costa Rica on the Internet through various feeds, I have come to the conclusion that it is expensive. Most of the contacts via the Internet and tourist trade are run by Gringos who have moved there mainly to work and take advantage of the situation. It is very hard to find the local people doing any communications with the outside world. Tours are an outrageous price. Real estate is ridiculously priced, as is rent for accommodations that you can easily find on the Internet. I know that the better, less-expensive units are there, but where can you go to find them?

In addition to the Gringo invasion, it appears that crime is increasing exponentially and again I don’t think I need to experience an area where I have to keep looking over my shoulder every time I get off a plane or get money out of my bank. Now what do I do? Well we are looking at Panamá now, and, yes, there is certainly crime there as well, but as far as I can tell so far there are areas where the Gringos are not sucking the life out of the visitors.

When people come in a country with a lot of money and using and abusing drugs and alcohol, others want what they have and of course crime increases. I fully believe, that if the American drug market were not there, the drug wars and supply would diminish and eventually dry up. Instead of Panamá, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Mexico being condemned for their lack of control, the Americans should clean up their own back alleys. Their economy, job force, way of living are all out of control and headed south for a major crash.

I can already feel my ears burning and hear the nay sayers screaming for my blood. I felt I had to get this off my chest in hope it will open some eyes that are closed to reality.

Pat Andby
St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada

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