Golfito probe expands with report of four more searches

Investigators were back in Golfito Friday to conduct four searches.

The Poder Judicial said that one search was at the municipal building itself. Others were in private homes.

The searches suggest that the investigation is expanding from the single case of a bribe solicitation for the approval of a maritime concession to a number of cases, but the time span in years in not known. The Poder Judicial said that the prosecutors involved said that there were at least two new investigations.

Three municipal officials were detained July 30 and later sent to prison for preventative detention. Agents are questioning others in the municipal government as well as relatives of workers there. The Poder Judicial said that one of the persons
being questioned was the previous mayor who has the last name of Cubillo.

The current mayor is Deylon Gerardo Arroyo Blandón. Also jailed for preventative detention were the president of the municipal council, Rodolfo Delgado Jiménez, and another official, Alexis Rojas Rojas.

The other searches Friday were at the home of a municipal employee who works in the Plataforma de Servicios, the home of her boyfriend and the home of the head of human resources for the municipality, said the Poder Judicial.

The Poder Judicial said that investigators thought that they might find evidence of the irregular approval of construction permits.

The case is being handled by the Fiscalía de Probidad, Transparencia y Anticorrupción

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