Good weather probably will last until Friday, forecast says

The nation’s weather experts expect the generally dry conditions to continue at least until Friday.

This is called the second canicula when the humidity decreases and winds increase in intensity so that rain in the north Pacific and the Central Valley are reduced considerably, said the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional in a report Monday.

The Caribbean coast and the northern zone also are likely to have stable conditions during the rest of the week, the institute said.

The central and south Pacific will be getting maritime
winds that will generate rain in the afternoons, it said.

As the agency has said in the past, the prediction does not mean a complete lack of rain. Isolated showers are possible and even thundershowers in the Central Valley and north Pacific. The rest of the Pacific coast also has the possibilities of downpours.

The prediction for today follows that trend. The institute says the morning will be hot with growing cloud cover for the afternoon. Although some isolated showers are possible in the northern Pacific, the Central Valley, that maritime breeze might bring rain to the central and south Pacific.

The northern zone and the Caribbean will continue to see little rain, the institute said.

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