Guanacaste man held in cases of 100 burglaries

Investigators are attributing at least 100 home burglaries in Guanacaste to a Guayabo de Bagaces man who posed as a door-to-door book seller.

Agents said they were watching early Sunday when the man left his home. He was detained in Liberia when he was caught leaving a home that had been burglarized, said the Judicial Investigating Organization. There was a car chase, and the suspect was detained when his vehicle crashed into another, said agents.

In the car they found flat screen televisions, home appliances, telephones, computers, jewels, a firearm, tools and the books he offered to homeowners.

The burglaries were reported mainly in Liberia, Cañas, Nicoya and Santa Cruz, the agency said.

Investigators said the burglar would arrive at a home and ring the bell. If a homeowner answered, he would offer to sell books. If no one answered, the burglar would force the lock and enter the home, they said.

Monday morning agents entered his home in Guayabo and a small eating place in Fortuna, both in Bagaces. They found a treasure trove of goods, including 100 watches, 100 gold rings, 50 pairs of earrings, seven flat screen televisions, 10 laptops and 20 cell telephones. Agents were continuing to catalogue the goods in the late afternoon.

In an Internet cafe in la Fortuna, the agents confiscated 15 laptops, desk computers, two flat screen televisions, other televisions and other electronic devices. Agents said they suspect that the items were left at the cafe to be placed on sale.

The judicial police said that homeowners always should make sure that someone is at home in a house to protect against unlawful entries.

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