He found fat humor piece objectionable, insensitive

OK.  I’ve lived and worked as a warmly welcomed guest in Costa Rica for over five years.  I love its people, culture, and look upon it all with a child-like bewilderment and resounding optimism.

Then I make the mistake of giving your blog another shot in hopes that you’ve not made incendiary and insensitive comments meant to insult the people and country you “report” on.  It is to this irresponsible joke which I refer intoday’s article “This just in: It’s OK to be fat, Canadian university study says” where an unnamed author (convenient) quipped  “Some 18-year-old thin-as-a-rail Ticas are ready
to try out as a sumo wrestler by the time they are 35 and after four kids.”

Really?  Come on.  Think about it.  What 12-year-old wrote
this drivel?

Feel free to publish my letter and name, as I (unlike this blogger hiding behind your staff) am not afraid to attach my name to my comments.  By the way, I am Canadian, 36, and bald.  Perhaps there’s a joke in there too.

Last-time reader,

Corey Coates
Piedades de Santa Ana

EDITOR’S NOTE: The presumed humor piece was written by Jay Brodell, the 68-year-old, fat editor who has all his hair. And this is a newspaper.

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