Here are five persons expats probably would not like to meet

If any reader has been stuck up recently, one or more of the above faces might seem familiar.

The Sección de Asaltos of the Judicial Investigating Organization released these sketches with the hope that residents would come forward to identify possible suspects.

The sketches are called retratos hablados in Spanish. This translates to a “spoken portrait.” The technique is used the world over as witnesses try to give a description of their attacker.

The sketch on the left is of a man who works with other crooks to rob pedestrians in Zapote and Quesada Durán in east San José. He is armed.
The three faces in the middle are believed to resemble those individuals who have been sticking up commercial establishments in the center of San José. There has been a wave of such crimes during the daylight hours.

If the witness descriptions can be trusted, at least two of the crooks look like they are high on drugs.

The sketch on the right is reported to resemble a man who participated in the robbery of the Teledollar firm April 20. Anyone who may recognize these individuals are asked to call the judicial police’s Centro de Información Confidencial at 800-8000-645.

However, most expats might not know the individuals but they may have been victims. They can make investigators aware of the crime, too.

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