It was a two-horsepower smuggling operation

 Busted horse appears dejected. Photo: Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad PúblicaThe Policía de Fronteras reported two men tried to smuggle 10 kilos of marijuana into Panamá in broad daylight Monday with the help of horses.

Police said that the men leaped from the horses and abandoned them and the sacks of marijuana when they saw police. Officers confiscated the marijuana and the horses.

The men fled the 300 yards into Panamá by swimming across the Río Sixaola, police said.

The marijuana is presumed to have come from the high Talamanca where cultivation of the product is a household industry. The confiscation took place near the mouth of the Río Yorkin on the Río Sixaola, police said.

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