Jo Stuart’s dentistry column included America bashing

Once again Jo gives us a good informative column, on dentistry this time, but she as usual can’t resist a little America bashing and China worship. “Flocking to China” for medical care??? Perhaps she is not aware of the repeated examples of shoddy and sometimes toxic Chinese products being sent all over the world. Yes, flocking like sheep to the slaughter house.

Advice to the U.S. government, she says, make the prices lower!!! Another multi trillion dollar entitlement to guarantee cheap implants?? This stellar advice is not hers but from “someone who SEEMS TO KNOW”.  What about the huge numbers of people who go to the U.S. for medical care from all over the world? Maybe they value quality and security.

Loosen visa requirements?? There are already 11 million or so illegals who won’t leave. The problem is that when folks from Mexico and Central America get to this horrible place called the United States of America (according to Jo) too many of them NEVER GO BACK. Maybe they just need to read Jo’s columns to change their minds!!

Daryl Hardman
Escazú and U.S.A

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