Man and woman detained in murder at Osa hotel

Investigators have made arrests in the case of the murdered U.S. woman at her family’s luxury hotel in Matapalo de Puerto Jiménez. As most friends and neighbors suspected, agents say the murder was an inside job.

The victim was Lisa Artz, who was the resident manager of Casa Tres Palmas on the east shore of the Osa peninsula. She was suffocated July 20.

During the investigation agents said they identified four suspects, including the parents of an employee at the hotel. Agents suspect that the female employee alerted her relatives that Ms. Artz was going to be leaving the country.

Instead, she was found in her separate living quarters with her hands and feet tied with adhesive tape. Tape also was placed across her mouth, which caused the death, agents said.

The two persons, a man and a woman have not yet been identified officially.

Agents conducted a raid Thursday to detain the two persons. In their home they found a computer and other items that will be used as evidence. These include power cords from appliances that had been in the possession of the victim, agents said.

They are seeking the remaining suspects. From the very first some residents suspected that the murder was the result of a dispute over employment. They also suspected that her murderers thought that Ms. Artz had significant amounts of cash because she was going to be traveling.

Casa Tres Palmas is known as the most luxurious property in the area with a commanding view of the point where the waters of the Gulfo Dulce meet those of the Pacific. Ms. Artz’ father is George Artz, a successful restaurant owner. The family runs Coconuts on the Beach in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The sprawling main house features a Tiki-style villa with a palm thatched roof.

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