Morning blaze rips through 10 homes in Curridabat barrio

A voracious fire swept through a low-income community in Curridabat Monday morning. When the smoke cleared 10 homes had been destroyed, and 25 adults and 20 children were homeless.

The Cuerpo de Bomberos blamed children playing with matches for starting the fire. The scene was in what is called Barrio Nuevo. Fire fighters got the call at 10:45 a.m., but when they arrived on the scene 20 minutes later, flames were climbing to the sky and a dark column of smoke could be seen for miles.

The homes were constructed mainly with wood and in some cases even cardboard with steel sheeting for roofs.
Some residents were lucky enough to remove some items, such as television sets and even a refrigerator, but most lost everything because the flames moved quickly in the dry timber and other flammable materials. There were no injuries.

Fire truck crews came from as far away as Pavas to participate in fighting the blaze. Fire officials declared the blaze controled after 22 minutes.

By then most of the 10 homes were leveled.

The department noted that a large number of nearby homes were saved by their actions.

The Cruz Roja is providing for the immediate needs of those who were evicted by the flames.

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