Most scientists endorse Human effects on climate

I am a retired scientist who was associated with the NASA Earth Science Program for 28 years. With respect to Mary Jay’s letter in your Aug. 10 issue, I would like to point-out that some studies challenge certain aspects of global climate change concepts, but, collectively, NASA research (internal and sponsored) has fortified global climate change concepts.

Although peer-reviewed articles are a means to communicate the results of scientific research among scientists, it is seldom that a single study is conclusive. Scientists take account of all peer-reviewed articles that are published over time before formulating an opinion about a particular concept. Most scientists who do research in this field endorse the opinion that man’s actions have induced global climate change.

Mary Jay states a statistic (67 percent) without quoting the source. Actually, responses from lay persons vary with the manner in which questions are asked. For example, you will get a very different response if they are asked about “global warming” versus “global climate change” even though both embody the same concept.

Finally, I warn the reader that they should be wary of any opinion expressed about scientific research when there is an obvious political agenda. To learn how global climate change findings mesh with a political agenda, I suggest reading “Storms of My Grandchildren” by James Hansen, 2009, USBN 978-1-60819-200-7, Bloomsbury. Dr. Hansen is an eminent NASA scientist who has interfaced with politicians at the highest level.

Armond T. Joyce, Ph.D.
Llorente de Tibas

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