Murders in Osa peninsula causing sleepless nights

I am writing you tonight about the recent murder I just read about today.  Being busy with work and getting my son back into school has kept me out of the news.

I am very disturbed about the fact that murders are happening at a rapid pace now here in the southern zone and going unsolved.  I went to bed to get the sleep I deserve after a very long day of studying and working and find that I am unable to sleep due to lack of investigation of numerous murders  and fear for my own  life.

It seems to me with a lady president in office currently that she would have respect for the lives of single ladies here.  Violence against women is becoming a very serious issue here and needs to be addressed.  Along with the fact that now two ladies from this area have been murdered and perhaps raped.

I repeat as I wrote before has anyone considered the possibility of a serial killer being free to roam about and pick his next victim?

Take a look at the American serial killer Wild Bill and how he was caught because of one man’s interest in the case of his ex-wife being missing.  He killed at least five people and perhaps many others not so far away from here in Panamá.

Let’s consider the fact that murders which remain unsolved means a killer is lose and perhaps indeed this is a serial killer that is picking American women as his victims.

I feel for the family and friends and, of course, the Costa Ricans in the area as well.  For one moment would someone please address the fear that must be in the minds of any women in the area and the fact that this is a damn crime, please?

Let’s put this issue on the president’s doorstep and ask her how many will it take before some serious investigation is carried out.  I truly believe this could be anyone and nothing can be assumed until the murderer is caught.

This is total insanity when murder is treated as if it is commonplace and investigations are slack and disorganized.

Prayers go out to all friends and family of Ms. Artz, as well as all the people who are trying to sleep in the zone.

There are 14 people missing or murdered according to the Facebook missing in Costa Rica page.  That does not include the murders of Ms. Blackwell and Ms. Artz.

Debora Edholm

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