Physician remanded to jail in child sex abuse case

A physician facing a child sex abuse allegation has been remanded to jail for three months preventative detention. The action took place in the Juzgado Penal de Garabito, according to the Poder Judicial.

He is German Enrique Moreno Rojas, 51, who also is wanted in Houston, Texas, on nine counts of similar offenses.

The Poder Judicial disclosed that the alleged abuse took place in 2008 in the Cóbano area. Moreno has a medical practice in Mapais at the tip of the Nicoya peninsula. He was detained Monday at his mother’s home in Cuatro Reinas de Tibás.

Moreno was in the news because he cannot be extradited to the United States because to do so would violate the Costa Rican Constitution.

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