Pig farmers say they suffer from lack of certification

Pig farmers say they are being victimized by free trade treaties.

The Cámara de Porcicultores appeared before lawmakers to complain that a free trade treaty with Perú should be put on hold until the impact on their business is studied. The request came before the Comisión Permanente Especial de Relaciones Internacionales y Comercio Exterior.

Renato Alvarado, president of the chamber predicted the death of the pork industry if action were not taken within a month.

Large quantities of pork are coming into the country, in part from the United States, where importers pay no custom duties under the free trade treaty with that country. Meanwhile Costa Rican exporters cannot take advantage of the treaty because the government is dragging its feet on certifying the animals here free of swine fever or hog cholera, the chamber said. Such certification is needed to ship to the United States or Canada.

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