President vetoes flawed bill considered excessive

The president has vetoed a proposed law because the measure would generate confusion among citizens, was contradictory and demand excessive requirements, said Casa Presidencial.

The bill, No. 8975, was designed to protect persons who are made ill by gluten in wheat and other flour products. About one out of 100 persons has such a condition, called celiac disease. The legislature frequently produces measures that are contradictory and demand excessive requirements, but this bill would have put a burden on the Ministerio de Salud.

The ministry would have been required to maintain a data base of gluten-free medicines and gluten-free food products, said Casa Presidencial.

In addition the proposed law would have required both the health ministry and the Ministerio de
Economía, Industria y Comercio to each publish such lists.

The proposal also would have required the firms selling food to provide gluten information on labels. President Laura Chinchilla used a law that is supposed to protect citizens from excessive governmental paperwork to issue her partial veto.

As residents know, the legislature is constantly called on to make changes in laws that have been written by the legislative staff. The latest is a new traffic law that has disproportionate fines. However, that law was not vetoed when it passed the previous legislature. Lawmakers then and in the current four-year term have been trying to make some corrections without much success.

The gluten law may be revised and again sent to the president because it passed without any dissent in the legislature.

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