President was short-sighted in vetoing gluten measure

The president is being short sighted and not very fair to the citizens of Costa Rica in vetoing this bill about gluten intolerance and celiac disease. I was diagnosed 15 years ago with gluten intolerance and since going gluten free have become exceptionally healthy. Gluten is in almost all processed food products on the supermarket shelves and in some cases in much larger amounts than naturally occurs in wheat.

Stanford & Columbia universities have proven that gluten does not digest in the human body and is a huge digestive hindrance to the very young and older generation. Gluten is added in large quantities by many bakeries as a flavor enhancer and also makes the baked good fluffier, but has been proven in the quantities now being used, to cause numerous gastro intestinal problems and contributes to overweight & obesity.

I was a very active member of the Celiac Association in the U.S. and Canada for many years prior to moving to Costa Rica, and we always recommended to people that were experiencing gastro problems or just getting sick too often to delete gluten from their diet for six weeks to three months, then re-introducing it to their system noting the difference.

It is very hard to believe that our daily bread can poison us, but that is what has happened since America and their corrupt food companies started tampering with the worlds food supply, all in the name of profits.
Des Cockcroft

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