Rancher wins shootout with home-invading duo

A home invasion in Los Andes de La Garita de La Cruz in Guanacaste had what many might consider a happy ending. The rancher in the home killed two assailants, and at least two others fled.

Home invasions have become a nightly event in the Central Valley and in some places in Guanacaste. In fact Thursday armed men invaded a home in Tirrases de Curridabat, tied up a woman and her son with sheets and sacked the home. There also have been weekend home invasions in Santa Ana, although details are sketchy. Crooks break in through the metal portones and surprise homeowners. Sometimes this happens in the early evening. Judicial agents believe that there are several gangs that specialize in this type of robbery.

It was 3 a.m. Friday morning when the rancher heard someone on his rural property. Two men had entered the home. Although the rancher suffered two bullet wounds in the leg, he managed to kill the two men, said the Judicial Investigating Organization. One died inside the home alongside his AK-47 rifle, and the second died outside.

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