Sala IV says it doubts that cell towers are harmful to health

The Sala IV constitutional court has ruled that cell telephone towers are not the threat to public health that some opponents contend.

The ruling came in a case involving the Municipalidad de Carrillo. Residents said that a private firm continues to construct a cell tower even though the municipal council is imposing a moratorium until regulations can be drawn up.

The court, in summary released by the Poder Judicial, said that those placing the objection should follow procedures to challenge the lack of regulations. But then it added that it did not accept claims from those lodging the appeal that cell towers would not have the harmful effects that the residents contended.
Cell towers are controversial now that two private companies are entering the market. Many municipalities have no regulations and the Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones had been holding meetings to instruct the municipal officials.

In the meantime, companies are putting up the towers. Some towers are not being constructed by the cell telephone firms but by private firms that have entered into agreements with landowners with the goal of leasing the towers to the cell companies.

Although reputable scientific authorities are unanimous that cell towers put out small amounts of electromagnetic radiation, some residents near such towers are not convinced. In addition, many fear loss of value to their properties with towers looming in the background.

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