San Ramón will be getting more police officers, director says

The head of the Fuerza Pública said that the number of officers will be beefed up in the San Ramón area in response to a wave of crimes there.

The director general of the police agency, Juan José Andrade Morales, visited El Bajo los Rodríguez and met with residents where he made the announcement.

He said the local police delegation is being beefed up by 12 officers and some of them are motorcycle officers.
A.M. Costa Rica has reported on a series of crimes in San Ramón. A spokesman for the Community Action Alliance reported that the bulk of the crimes are drug-related and a result of San José gangs trying to extend their territories outside the metro area.

There also has been the killing of a small store owner that has been attributed to revenge.

Still, La Nación reported Sunday on a string of daylight armed robberies that had not been reported earlier. Merchants clamored for more police.

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