Slipping Caja health care could hurt flow of expats

Kudos to Barry Schwartz about his article in today’s (Aug. 22) edition. He is addressing the raping of a government agency by greedy individuals. I do not know where the Caja buys prescription medication. While I would venture to guess as much as possible is generic, and, may come from a myriad of nations, that by itself is not always detrimental. I, myself, even at time buy generic medication from India and have never experienced a problem with it. However, today less expensive generic medication is coming from China. The problem is, their standards for safety and sanitary control are virtually non-existent.

Here, within, lies a matter of short sightedness on the part of the government. With over 10,000 Americans, the baby boomer generation, turning 65 years old, each and every day, many are looking towards Costa Rica as a retirement alternative. Personally, I receive three to four emails each and every week from friends and acquaintances asking questions. Being of retirement age, health care is one of the top, if not the top concern of these individuals. If the quality of health care in Costa Rica is going to slip and become equivalent to that of a third world nation, potential retirees are going to look in other directions. There can be a beneficial resource to the country within this baby boomer generation. Millions upon millions of dollars can and will be poured into the overall economy. But, if you scare them away, their checkbooks and credit cards go with them.

Bruce Jacobs
Park Ridge, New Jersey,
and soon to be in San Ramón

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