Suspects accused of killing dogs encountered in burglaries

Two suspects detained Tuesday are accused of not only burglarizing homes but poisoning homeowners dogs by feeding them meat to silence them.

Fuerza Pública officers got the tip Tuesday and set up roadblocks in San Ignacio de Acosta. The men had a bolt cutter and poisoned sausage in their car, said officers. A neighbor reported what seemed to be suspicious activity.

They were identified by the last names of Mata Pérez, said the Poder Judicial. They are residents of Tabarcia de Mora, the Fuerza Pública said. Officers said they were caught in the act of stealing a motorcycle after they broke locks securing the vehicle.

The men are suspected of being the thieves who specialize in taking motorcycles. There have been cases reported in Santa Ana, Asserí and Desamparados.

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