Taxes here are nothing like those in Massachusetts

Let’s see. For openers, the taxes on my home in Massachusetts were at $11,000 per year seven years ago, and rising when I moved here.The taxes on my main home here, larger than the former home in Massachusetts, were $440 last year. Already I am $10,560 or more ahead. When I see a doctor at CIMA, the charge for the visit is between $60 and $90. Blood tests, etc., about $100. In Massachusetts you can add a zero to those figures.

I used to drive 20,000 miles per year in Massachusetts, and now we drive about 6,000 miles, saving mucho gas money. I have found auto and moto repairs to be far less and even have an excellent mechanic who comes to my home.

Saturdays at the feria result in bringing home lots of fresh vegetables at laughable prices. We also usually bring home over two kilos of fish, usually snapper (pargo), tuna (atun), king mackerel, etc. at a per-pound cost of $4 to5 vs. $10 to15 per-pound in Massachusetts. Interest on CDs here is way above U.S. banks. Heating and air-conditioning costs are zero, as there is no need for them in the Valle Central.

Restaurants and bars are generally less expensive. Concerts at the Teatro Nacional cost a fraction of what i paid before. Need I continue with more examples? The problem with many Gringos here is that they arrived under-capitalized and naive as to the realities of inflation. Add to all that Pura Vida, and Costa Rica is a home run.

Barry Schwartz

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