Tea baggers are losing credibility and following

I couldn’t disagree more with Mr. McCormick on the Tea Baggers in the U.S.  Bagger leadership are being bought off by the Koch Brothers and other huge national corporations whose only interest is in continuing to make massive profits at the cost of working families.  The Baggers use only sound bites and buzz words to put fear in the hearts of their shrinking flock, touting “government corruption and greed,” all while committing illegal and unethical business practices, themselves.  They foul the environment and commit labor violations, almost with impunity, as they threaten and intimidate their wealthy Republican “friends.”

The Baggers are losing credibility with the public here because the voters are realizing they are being exposed to the true priorities of these corporate hacks and their cronies.  Baggers used to throw huge rallies with hundreds of everyday people showing up.  Now, they can barely draw a handful of people.

They recently held a convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, and left without paying their bill of around a half million dollars.

The Bagger leadership is not taking action in the best interest of the working people of the U.S. and are quickly losing the support of those who are no longer willing to act against their own best interest.

Gordon Ottley
Salt Lake City, Utah

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