There are many chances for inexpensive events

Not another one!!! I have to ask myself why these Costa Rica bashers decided to relocate to Costa Rica in the first place! Ignorance? Not checking out the facts beforehand? Trying to live “cheaper” but wanting all the amenities they had elsewhere? Really, I have no sympathy for those who opt to move here, become disgruntled because it’s not as economical as they had thought and now start bashing the whole country and everything about it, except the weather!

Yes, it may be more expensive to live here, but where do you spend your money?! There are many things that can be done for a mere pittance or for no cost at all. My husband and I saw two excellent jazz concerts recently at a cost of 1,000 colons! After the concert, we had the best homemade ice cream in a little, old ice cream parlor in the center of town, followed by a walk in the park and talking to many people along the way. We don’t live in a cage, but maybe we are more adventurous than some. We are cautious, having had a couple of bad experiences, but that’s the challenge we are up to facing.

Go to Panamá and buena suerte! I do hope the writer has done more homework on Panamá than he did before coming to Costa Rica. For example: insurance costs, potentially (I stress potentially) dangerous political arena, etc.

Oh, yes, I agree that we Americans certainly do have a bit more money than the Ticos. After all, have you looked at the wages the Ticos get? But why come here and expect to live like a king when you can look around and see there are needy people on every street. Have a heart!

In my management classes, I was taught there are certain things people need: food, clothing, shelter. We have found all of those here in Costa Rica plus a lot more. A little caution is always a good idea whether here, Panama, or Barre, Vermont!

Ann Boyd
Canoas de Alajuela

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