Trafficking trial starts today in Santa Cruz

A man and his son will go on trial today in Santa Cruz on allegations that they ran a call girl ring and induced minors to join it.

The father has the last name of Pizarro Angulo, and the son has the names of Pizarro Nuñez. Both were detained last September in an undercover operation. The principal customers of their organization were foreigners, said the Poder Judicial.

Some of the minors said they had been recruited under the false promise that they were involved with an academy for models and would be giving fashion shows at various bars in Sardinal and the Central Valley, said the Poder Judicial.

The women were involved in a photo shoot in Playa Panamá and later the undercover agent was asked to pick out a companion from the photos that were in an album, said the Poder Judicial. The payment was made with money marked previously by a judge, said the Poder Judicial.

Costa Rica is anxious to have some convictions for human trafficking, even if it is merely a local operation because it has been criticized by the United States for not doing enough to crack down on such practices.

The trial is scheduled for two days.

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