U.S tea party is equated to political whistleblowers

The tea party is the modern day political equivalent of the whistleblower. As is often the case the whistleblower is persecuted for telling the truth and exposing a fraud. One has to have a lot of courage and conviction to be a whistleblower. It’s not for the faint of heart.

In this latest political dog fight over the debt ceiling/spending increase, the tea party has been called every negative name in the book including obstructionists, self serving, uncompromising terrorists. Their crime was exposing the truth which is the U.S. out-of-control spending binge which amounts to nothing more than a governmental sanctioned ponzi scheme. And their crime is also having the audacity of going the extra step to actually put America first rather than their own self reelection interests as is the case with their political accusers.

The tea party is nothing more than a reflection of caring Americans who voted them into office and who want to live financially honest lives for themselves and their country. The politicians who hold to the core tea party values are not perfect; they’re just doing what they were elected to do. I know that’s a shock to many Washington insiders.

The tea party has only one issue; to live within our means as a people and a country.

Washington doesn’t know how to deal with that. The Washington paradigm has shifted. Tea party politicians, so far at least, have shown they can’t be bought and sold like run of the mill Republicans and Democrats who have enjoyed a political and power monopoly up until now. And that’s really scary to the traditional Washington power brokers.

Patrick McCormick
Costa Rica

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