Very rich should get bill for improved security

If Madame President Laura Chinchilla is serious about security, she will try to finance her security forces with luxury taxes on Costa Rica’s elite instead of through traffic fines.

Here the example of Colombia comes to mind. Faced with the abyss of a failing state a decade ago, Colombian’s well-to-do sectors swallowed the bitter pill of a significant tax hike to fund President Alvaro Uribe’s democratic security policy. Today, the benefits of that decision are all too apparent. This has not been lost on some of the region’s leaders. President Laura Chinchilla needs to levy taxes on the wealthiest of the wealthy to fund the revamping of crime prevention and law enforcement strategies, not through traffic fines.

The end result of the traffic fines is just more payola to the tránsito via bribes at checkpoints.

Her system is self defeating. The true revenue on fines probably does not even cover the added costs of the traffic checks.
Robert Barras

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