Why do police ignore clearly illegal behavior

Over the years many articles about downtown San José and the tolerance of the local police with the street people and beggars. Many beggars have permanent spots through out San José. They sit in front of the Universal store, in front of Wendy’s, strumming on a guitar in front of the bread stores and McDonald’s on Avenida Central. They are all around hotels all hours of the day and sleeping on the sidewalks. Some are smoking crack cocaine in the open. I see the policeman just ignore and walk on by.

What prompted me to write this was what happen yesterday. A women who stinks to high heaven was walking around. You could smell her 50 feet away. Screaming at the police and they just stand there keeping their distance. I have seen her before. Why is there not some intervention? Why do they allow street children and others to sleep on the sidewalks, drink in the open, puking and urinating on the street corners?

Comments from locals and tourist give San José the reputation of a filthy stinking hole. Unfortunately, many of us must travel using the buses, and this is the hub walking from one place to another. Great that they are repairing the streets and sidewalks. Now how about intervention with this kind of daily problems. You do not see much of this in other cities around here.

I believe in freedom, but this has been the slow decay of San José our beloved city.
Dwayne Egelund
La Uruca

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