Will tax plan affect U.S. pension checks?

As I read the few negative and the many more positive opinions about living in Costa Rica, several thoughts come to mind.

The entire world is in the midst of an economic crisis, so even though we are paying more here for food and services, than we were four years ago, here in Costa Rica we are in much better shape than many other places on the planet.

That being said, the new tax proposals which are being considered could radically change that.The fact that the government has not been able to collect a very large percentage of the taxes owed it even by its OWN agencies makes me wonder why they are choosing to tax investors and people on pensions that are actually helping the economy by choosing to live here and invest here.

Myself, I currently pay 15 to 25 percent to the U.S government each year for my retirement checks, Now, if the new tax law passes, I will pay that and another 15 percent here ???? So I will now pay 30 to 40 percent for the same amount of money. No I will NOT do that.

We love life here and the people, culture, and climate. So I will have a choice to make like many other pensioned people here from many other countries, who pay taxes already on their money. If I invest here, I expect to pay my fair share, But I do not intend to pay for poor performance on the part of the government for not collecting or paying their fair share.

Unless this law is modified to make our pensions ours alone. I think many other pensioners like us will be forced to go home or find a more economically friendly country. I hope they have the good sense NOT to KILL the gooses that are laying the golden eggs here, because we spend all of our already taxed money here in Lovely Costa Rica. Keep up the good work A.M. Costa Rica. Maybe someone will take notice.

Fred and Shiela Cole
Nuevo Arenal,

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