Work continues on bridge that has been trouble spot

Workmen were still at the bridge over the Río Virilla early today and planned to continue until about 6 a.m.

This is the bridge on the General Cañas highway that the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad does not seem to be able to fix. Workmen were there much of the weekend.

The bridge developed a loose piece of metal over an expansion joint, and many efforts to solve the problem have been in vane. The bridge has become a public joke.

Finally in December, officials closed down the highway and rebuilt it completely. Now they say they did not provide enough reinforcing and the vibration from the traffic is causing the concrete to crumble exposing the rebars within the bridge deck.

The work today was supposed to add more reinforcement with the bridge and seal the surface. The situation is so acute that officials announced this month that they would build a new bridge parallel to the existing one.

Although officials did not say so, the possibility exists that there will be more work Tuesday night into Wednesday.

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