You can’t live for less if you are a foreigner here

Retire for less in Costa Rica, Hum…… That is very interesting!

My wife and I have been here now for seven years. I really do not believe that you can retire for less in Costa Rica. I think people come here, and they discover the climate is very good, and all of a sudden we are living cheaper, total misperception.

You can live cheaper anywhere you go, if you want to cut back on everything you do and eat, and only then do you live cheaper.

I would like to see where a person can save on food or gas, go to the discount ARCO or AM/PM gas station for your 35 cents-off special for the day on regular gas. How about if you clip the coupons from the Sunday paper or the Betty Crocker boxtop for a two-for-one special. I know for a fact if you are a foreigner and you go to buy property/house/vehicle, you are looked at and studied for about two seconds, OK, Foreigner, this means $$$$ tattooed on your forehead by the locals. Remember, we are retired and we are looked at as being rich by every local, child and adult.

I have talked to many North Americans that are packing up and getting the heck out of Costa Rica, and they all say it is totally too expensive living here. Many are heading south to Panama. We sold about everything we own and packing it out of here in less than two weeks. Sure, we are going to miss many friends as we did when we left the States, but again, we have the choice to return for vacation and visit Costa Rica.

Many North Americans move here, and they live in fear, oh,”We must live in a gated community with 24-hour security. Do not go out at night.” You should see my metal cage I live in and keep all my treasures locked up, because I am “rich” and I can replace my treasures because someone else wants them more then me.

Remember, when they want your stuff while you are asleep, someone always get hurt. It must be fun to have your 9-year-old daughter tied up while you are getting hit in the head and watch all of this go down.

Wake up, look around, the locals live in metal cages too. They are just smaller cages than what us rich foreigners live in. They see, and they have lived with the petty theft forever, and, that by the way, is turning into more aggressive and violent violations against us, aka foreigners.

Where do these numbers come from, Costa Rica is 97 percent literate? Does anyone read the reports that the embassy puts out or like the CIA reports on Costa Rica?

How about this one, please don’t laugh too hard you might cry: When all the new traffic fines took place, who paid your tickets? Come on raise your hands — foreigners. Ticos protested, and the government wrote off something like 23,000 Tico tickets because they can not afford them.

We build a big house because we can retire for less, and then we are zapped with a luxury property tax. How about if the tax man collects the tax that the locals hide from everyday? Oh, do you need a factura? Always say no. If you use your credit or debit card, is it fair to pay another 5 percent?

Now, Big Brother is pushing for consumers to use their cards to get the business to pay their share of tax.

Bill Walkling

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