An alternate view

As a business owner involved with tourism, I am tired of the increasing anti-Tico tirades of an overweight, expat English language on-line rag, editor.

Who cares about your beaurocratic imbroglios regarding cell phone activation?

I came to Costa Rica to escape the all the “Gringo” driven addictions of which cell phones are one.

I also avoid the San José/Escazú area as much as possible, as the real Costa Rica with its abundance of wild growing, health giving fruits awaits just outside its environs.

Where we are, it’s still possible to live a simple, relatively care-free life, off of the land, but, alas, my last remaining addiction-necessary to carry on my work, the internet, exposes me to the whimsical rantings of a jaded expat, who apparently has yet to assimilate to this fine country, for he still seems to have the need to hold on to his “Gringo” addictions, which leads him to trash this fine country on a regular basis.
Hari Singh Khalsa

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