August traffic deaths were unusually low

Transport officials say they are pleased because the highway death toll in August was half that of other years.

Some 15 persons died on the nation’s roads in August, they said. By contrast, 37 died in August 2010, they added.

In all, there have been 210 highway fatalities this year, which, if extrapolated, suggests that the year could close with fewer than 300 deaths, a figure traffic officials are hoping to see. That figure still is eight more than in 2010, they noted. Still 2010 closed with fewer than 300 road deaths, they said. That was the first time since 2005.

Traffic officials noted that prior to 2005 the last time there were fewer than 300 road deaths was in 1996 when there were just 450,000 vehicles on the road. Now there are about a million.

Officials also said that since March 1, 2010, some 3,958 persons have lost the right to drive because they accumulated 50 points or more on their license from various infractions. The new traffic law provides for a two-year prohibition if a driver accumulates that number. In some cases, a string of infractions at the same time can result in 50 points.

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