Bandits in separate crimes did not count on bullets

One robbery suspect is dead and two juvenile suspects, 15 and 17, are wounded and hospitalized after two incidents late Monday.

Two men tried to stick up persons at a Tibás gasoline station, but an armed guard cut down one of the bandits with a bullet to the chest, according to the Judicial Investigating Organization. The second man fled, judicial agents said.

The dead man was identified by the last name of Vega. He was 36.

The same night agents were investigating the shooting of two youth, one 15 and the other 17, after they arrived at Hospital San Juan de Dios with bullet wounds. One suffered a bullet wound to the back and the other received a bullet in the leg.

Agents suspect these are the two individuals who stuck up three pedestrians in Torremolinos as they traveled about a kilometer on a motorcycle.

At first the Judicial Investigating Organization said the two robbers had been shot by Fuerza Pública officers, but later said the persons trying to stop the crimes and the flight of the robbers were members of the the agency’s own Sección de Cárceles. These are the agents who transport prisoners.

The agents by chance tried to stop a robbery of a woman on the public street about 8 p.m., the agency said. There was an exchange of shots, said the agency. That case still is under investigation.

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