Burglary gang preferred homes near vacant lots

A burglary gang targeted homes that were adjacent to vacant lots, said investigators. They arrested four persons Thursday and said they were the crooks.

The gang picked homes in the vicinity of Carmen de Goicoechea with a preference for those that could be entered through the back door from a lot, said investigators.

The three men and a woman detained Thursday had been detained on similar charges in March. The four just completed preventative detention Aug. 19, investigators said. Agents attributed to them three burglaries Aug. 21. They live in Urbanización Ticoblock in Carmen, said the Poder Judicial.

The Poder Judicial identified the men by the last names of Camacho, Barquero and Calderón. They face aggravated robbery allegations. The woman, who also has the last name of Calderón, faces an allegation of receiving stolen property.

Prosecutors are seeking preventative detention for the men. The Poder Judicial said that during the arrest agents discovered a packet containing white powder.

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