Central government seeks more belt tightening

President Laura Chinchilla Tuesday signed a decree instructing the so-called autonomous and decentralized institutions to tighten their belts.

The measure is part of the central government’s cost-cutting measures. Casa Presidencial noted that these institutions make up two thirds of the general budget. Some have declined to adhere to the president’s prior call for austerity. Among those neglecting the request is the Asamblea Legislativa, although it is a separate government power and it still is not included under the current directive.

Among other points, the decree said that those agencies that can collect for services should do so and reduce their demand on the general budget.

The institutions also are asked to reduce expenses for travel, advertising, food, drink,

Entities that need equipment such as computers or vehicles should consider leasing them instead of making purchases, it said.

The decree also promotes central purchasing.

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