Finally, Fuerza Pública puts wanted mug shots on Internet

And this is just the first batch, A to G.

Is your neighbor an armed robber? How about your brother-in-law?

Now you can find out. Maybe.

The Fuerza Pública has put up the photos of the top 50 wanted individuals in Costa Rica. The mug shots are displayed on a series of Web pages of the police agency. The names and photos come from the Judicial Investigating Organization, said the Fuerza Pública.

Of those who made the top 50, some 23 are sought for robbery, six for drug crimes and four for murder.

The police agency also has an emergency number for citizens to report the whereabouts of those on the list:  800 SE BUSCA or 800 732-8722. The police agency said its officers would like to know where the fugitive can be found and if he or she is alone or with others.

Costa Rican police and the Poder Judicial are very sensitive about releasing photos of suspects. Frequently a judge will prohibit news photographers from taking photos of suspects until a verdict has been rendered.  When the Poder Judicial releases a photo of a wanted suspect, it quickly prohibits the use when the individual is captured.

In contrast, some Florida counties routinely post the photos and information about those who have been jailed so the public knows who is a suspect.

The system the Fuerza Pública is using is designed to provide additional information about the individuals when a visitor clicks on a photo. However, that system is not being used, and Internet visitors know no more than the name of the suspect instead of age, last address, criminal allegation and other information.

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