Fire fighters get their tax, and USS Boone can dock

Legislators took action Thursday to approve for the second and final time a 1.75 percent tax on electricity bills so that the Cuerpo de Bomberos could build 30 new fire stations over the next 10 years. Some will be in unprotected Pacific coast towns that are far from a station now.

The approval was expected because the bill passed on first reading 50 to 1. Still firemen demonstrated with their equipment in Avenida Central outside the legislative chamber, and firemen dressed in
yellow shirts jumped and danced in the visitors gallery when the final vote came.

Lawmakers also gave permission for the USS Boone to dock in Puntarenas Saturday to hand over five Costa Ricans caught at sea with a large quantity of drugs.

The U.S. Navy ship also is expected to hand over the fishing craft the men were on. Other crewmen go to the United States for trial, but the United States has a special agreement with Costa Rica to hand over any of its citizens caught at sea.

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