Lawmakers given proposal to protect kids on Internet

The Fundación Paniamor presented a legislative proposal Wednesday to punish adults who harm children via the Internet.

The concept was presented by Milena Grillo, executive director of the organization. Paniamor is the group that supports a code of ethics for tourism operations to prevent exploitation of minors and also works against physical punishment for children.

The proposal is expected to go to the Comisión Permanente Especial de Seguridad y Narcotráfico of the Asamblea Legislativa. The proposal has not yet been presented formally to lawmakers.

In a general outline, the organization said the change in the criminal code is designed to protect children and adolescents from violence and the inadequate use of the new technologies of information.

The organization has done studies on the use of cyberspace by youngsters and is targeting undesirable content, content of a sexual nature and promotion of the use of violence to resolve conflicts. The group also is interested in threats to privacy, it said.

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