Legislature seeking a new $77 million office tower

The legislature is asking the Contraloría General de la República to approve a trust with Banco de Costa Rica to build an office tower and make repairs for $77 million.

This is another effort to build or find space for lawmakers. The tower, which will be built near the current legislature complex, would take two years.

The legislative complex has been condemned by the Ministerio de Salud, and members have been seeking options for at least three years. There
would be substantial repairs on the current structures under the plan.

If the plan is approved, lawmakers expect that planning will be completed by February and that construction would begin then. The site is the former Lamm building. Some of the other buildings that are considered in jeopardy are heritage sites.

Juan Carlos Mendoza García, assembly president, said he envisioned the central structure being turned into a legislative museum. This is believed to be Castillo Azul that is a unique building on Avenida Central. It once was the U.S. Embassy.

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