Luis Milanes hearing is abruptly put off until this Tuesday

A hearing last week in the Luis Milanes-Savings Unlimited case never happened. The hearing was moved to this Tuesday.

There was no explanation given, and notice that the hearing had been delayed was not distributed widely. Some lawyers and some victims of the collapse of the high-interest scheme showed up and were unhappy with the delay.

Luis Milanes, the San José casino king, is seeking to change the agreement he made with a number of investors in order to stay out of jail. He had agreed to pay $100,000 a month to finance a trust that was trying to sell property he surrendered. The proceeds are supposed to go to the investors who loaned him money that he never paid back.
Other sources said that the situation is confused because some former employees of Milanes are seeking to bring allegations of improper dismissal. Milanes is believed to be seeking to bring actions against them also.

Milanes fired about three dozen top-level employees after it appears that the Judicial Investigating Organization had interviewed some and obtained information on the many Milanes companies.

Milanes, a dual Cuban-U.S. citizen, closed up Savings Unlimited in November 2002 when a number of similar high-interest operations were collapsing. He fled and was gone until June 2009. His casinos in the Central Valley continued to operation in his absence. And the case has dragged on since his arrival on Costa Rican soil.

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