Monteverde nature lover opens art exhibit Saturday

This is 'Sereno,' an acrylic work

Costa Rican artist Marco Tulio Brenes opens his exhibit “Beginning of Life,” Saturday at the Hidden Garden Art Gallery in Guanacaste.

The exhibit runs through Oct. 20, the opening Saturday is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Marco Tulio is a talented artist from the Monteverde area, and this exhibit combines both his paintings and sculptures, said the gallery.

Nature photographer and graphic designer Mauricio Maple said this about the artist:

“The most important thing for an artist is their connection with nature, environment, earth, roots and whole life. When he gets to have this balance, when in harmony with these elements so powerful and nutritious,when you can watch, listen, we investigate and use is when your hands are born seeds, trees, fields, bellies, colors, light. . . . This is called love of life, and that’s Marco Tulio Brenes, a true master of organic art and a lover of nature.”

The gallery is 5 kilometers west of Daniel Oduber airport on the highway to the Pacific Beaches.

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