Moravia home invaders dressed as cops and simulated raid

Crooks in Moravia demonstrated a new technique to invade a home early Monday.

The gang showed up in four vehicles dressed as policemen, according to the Judicial Investigating Organization.

Other sources said they smashed into a garage door to gain entry in much the same way real Fuerza Pública officers do particularly when television cameras are turned on.

This happened at 4 a.m., a prime time for police raids. The location was a home in San Vicente de Moravia. At home were two adults and four children. They were threatened by the fake cops when they gained entry.

Taken were 1,700,000 colons in cash, jewelry and cell telephones, said the judicial police. That’s about

Dressing like a policeman is standard fare for crooks. But the new twist in this case was the number of participants and the forced entry into a home. Judicial police said there were at least 10 crooks.

There have been many cases of crooks dressed as police officers stopping individuals on the street or highway.

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