More dangerous lightning predicted for afternoon

A series of strong storm cells moved west over the metro area Monday peppering the ground with lightning.

The same is predicted for today with a hot morning laying the groundwork for strong afternoon downpours.

The lightning Monday hit structures near the foreign ministry and in Los Yoses, but no damage was reported.

That was not the case Sunday when a 12-year-old girl wielding a machete was struck down by a lightning strike. She was identified by the Judicial Investigating Organization by the last name of Vargas. She lived in Concepción de Pilas and was collecting firewood with two friends.

A U.S. tourist also died from a lightning strike on a Guanacaste beach last month.

Every year thousands of lightning strikes are recorded by the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional. The institute points out that water in the atmosphere helps conduct the lightning.

The girl who died from a lightning bolt did not know it but she broke one of the major rules set down by the weather institute. She was holding a piece of metal in her hand, something the institute warns about.

That is why some expat golfers have been killed by lightning in years past.

The institute encourages residents to seek protection inside houses with the windows closed or in vehicles. For those caught out of doors during a thunderstorm, the lower is better, the institute says. In fact in some cases, persons in an open field should lie on the ground, said the institute.

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