More thunderstorms and downpours are predicted for today

Heavy rains lashed parts of the Central Valley Tuesday, and in some cases hail fell.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional predicted possible late afternoon thunderstorms, but the rain started in the morning. Early today some areas of the central mountains were being soaked with thunderstorms.

The institute is predicting about the same for today. With only the Caribbean coast being free of heavy rain.

The temperature along the coasts is supposed to reach at least
30 degrees C., about 86 F. The temperature reached 29 C. in San José Tuesday before the rains came. Humidity came in from the Pacific, said the institute.

The rain was highly variable. In San Pedro it was a mild thunderstorm. A motorist in Alajuela said the downpour there was as heavy as he had ever seen.

It was in La Unión where high winds tore the metal roofs off dwellings. There were no serious injuries, but there was panic.

As the rains started Tuesday, the institute put out a special bulletin, but the feared flooding and landslides have not been reported.

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